Karl Russwurm
Karl Russwurm

My goals for RWV International:

  1. Analysis to initiate new types of RWVI-Events - Further development of traditional activities
  2. (look at idea of "travel exhibition" once again, testing of alternate congress-ideas, singing competition, competition for stage directors, symposia Keyword Wagner/Giornate Wagneriane, newsletter, websites)

  3. Conducting surveys with Chairpersons
  4. (General feedback, opinions, suggestions for new event formats)

  5. Recruitment of younger members and Board members

  6. Lively exchange between local societies (to each other) and to the Board of the RWVI as a catalyst
  7. (video and telephone conferences, regional conferences, joint working forums, practical aids (like e.g. data protection regulation), information platform across societies, starter kit for new members)

  8. More active public relations work - offer PR training for board members
  9. (clearly branded brochure, RWVI/member organisations more visible during the Festival, advertisements, fair reporting in the media, more consistent use of all three official languages)

  10. Improvement of decision-making processes in the Board - more transparency for member organisations
  11. (on a case-by-case basis with the involvement of Chairpersons where relevant)

  12. Taking a stand on blatant issues of cultural degradation; demarcation against racism and intolerance

  13. More empathy in the Board's dealings with representatives of the member organisations