Karl Russwurm
Karl Russwurm

About Me

Personal: Karl Russwurm, born 04.04.1958, Good Friday (!), in Regensburg
married, 2 grownup sons, living in Munich
Since Novembver 2018 in early retirement from SIEMENS AG and full of zest for action
Likes to travel to get to know people and cultures better.
Work: Studied computer science, employee of SIEMENS AG in Munich
Middle Management / long-standing team leader
Main focus of activity was Europe, with some in the USA

Productive experience in leading teams
Technical: Personnel / IT-Procedures / Data Security
Active in recent years as an independent member of the SIEMENS workers council
Languages: in addition to my mother tongue, the Bavarian dialect:
German, English
a little French (improvable),
passive Italian and Spanish (reading)
Richard Wagner: Long-standing member of the Society of Friends of Bayreuth
Long-standing member of the Richard Wagner Verband München e.V.
Membership of several other Wagner societies
Chairman of the Richard Wagner Verband Munich for 15 years
Member of the board of the RWV International
Musical preferences besides Wagner: Puccini, Ravel, Debussy, Janacek, Britten, Beethoven, Zeitgenössisches, Wiener Walzer, Beatles, The Doors